Prime Poway Woman No. 31: Patricia Billings

Billings has given back to the community by donating her time to various causes.

Since 1989, Patricia Billings and her family have lived in Poway, “a peaceful place that brings quiet to a busy life,” in her words.

Billings was involved with the campaign to install a four-way stop sign on a Valle Verde intersection, .

“If you could only know the 40 to 50 people who donated time to work for a stop sign. The group was full of diversity, had strong ideas, many levels of education, experience and knowledge,” she said. “If you could see their hard work — knocking on doors, standing by the school to get signatures, researching the issue, responding to concerns, writing letters, listening to the pain we had due to our neighbor’s death and the loss experienced by her husband and children. The group showed how each person is connected to more people by a thread of love and respect.”

Billings suggests that other women donate time to a worthy non-profit organization. She says her first attempt to donate time inspired her to go to college. Later as a professional, she donated to a non-profit that exposed her to a population that touched her heart, an area where she continues to work.

Some worthy non-profits that Billings has worked with are the Norman Topping Fund @ USC, Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, Second Chance Dog Rescue, Sugar Plum Angels Adoptions, Toussaint Academy San Diego, and the Thousand Smiles Foundation.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

“Women’s History Month provides a time to reflect on the women who have made our lives better, not only due to their maternal instincts and modern-day multi-tasking, but also their struggles through time to give birth, protect their loved ones and gain fair and just lives. With all the responsibilities in my life I must admit that my great grandmother living on a farm worked harder and suffered more than I. I must thank her for my work ethic, sense of fairness and strength.”


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