Empty Poway High Buildings Sold for $1 Each

Three relocatable classrooms were sold to Oceanside schools for a buck apiece.

has agreed to sell three relocatable classroom buildings sitting empty in the parking lot of to the —for $1 apiece, shipping not included.

The buildings are no longer needed at Poway High and there are no other sites in the district that need them, according to a PUSD staff report. They sit on a parking lot that will be restored over the summer, and the buildings need to be gone by June.

With the cost of demolishing the buildings estimated to be around $10,000, staff recommended to the PUSD board of education that they agree to Oceanside’s offer to take the buildings. A licensed contractor will be hired by Oceanside to disassemble the buildings, move them and leave the site in clean condition.

A staff report stated that offering the buildings for sale to the general public would likely not be completed in time to begin restoring the parking lot, with the possibility of nobody submitting a bid at all.

“In that case, the opportunity to transfer the buildings to Oceanside would be missed and the district would have to pay for the demolition,” the report stated.

“We’re fortunate that we didn’t have to pay them to take them,” a staff member told the board at . He estimated that new relocatable buildings cost between $60,000 to $70,000.

When board President Linda Vanderveen asked about the $1 sale price, Superintendent John Collins said, “This is like a garage sale. It’s like letting someone give you a couple of bucks to haul your junk away.”


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