Video: Mayor, City Council Discuss Wood's Removal from SANDAG Board

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood and City Council members discuss Wood's removal from the SANDAG board on KOCT's Journalist Roundtable.

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood and City Council members discuss Wood's removal from the SANDAG Board on on KOCT's Journalist Roundtable Jan. 7. 

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Linda Walshaw January 15, 2013 at 05:14 PM
This power grab by Messrs. Kern, Feller and Felien isn't even about SANDAG. Jerry Kern LOST the November election for Mayor, so he and his minions simply voted to transfer the Mayor's powers of office to themselves, completely ignoring the will of the voters of Oceanside who overwhelmingly re-elected Mayor Wood to have those powers. Oceanside will still only have 5 votes on the SANDAG board to San Diego City & County's 50 votes (and all the other cities' votes), yet will have lost Mayor Wood's seniority. Wednesday, Jan. 16, the Council Majority will RE-VOTE to approve their ordinance stripping the Mayor of his powers of office. If you believe in democratic process and that the will of the voters counts, please attend and show your support for our Mayor.
Status Quo January 26, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Out of my utmost respect for your passions, I have not weighed-in on your view until this date - in this venue. Seeing your ridiculous position unchallenged... a few comments seem to be in order. The KOCT Journalist Roundtable above(Allison St. John), amply demonstrates your view. Your canard, that the popularity vote of the Mayor should rule over the facts. Other's(besides me) in a newspaper with higher local circulation, have addressed your canard as I do here... that the margin by which your Mayor(formerly mine) won, does not have one iota, to do with the removal of the Mayor from SANDAG. Your Mayor, is still your Mayor... with incumbent right to appointments - with concurrence of a majority of Council. This Advice and Consent aspect, is applicable under General Law and Charter City rule. Your Mayor, failed to ask or gain consensus of his self-appointment and failed to make nominations to Committees for fellow Council members for heavy lifting chores. This point, is underlined as reasoning for the nuanced actions in 2010... now taken action by Mr. Felien. I feel, this was overdue but cede to the wisdom and timing induced by Mr. Felien and other members of the working Majority now consolidated as a viable force within the body of Your Council. In other venues(U~T/NCT), you have pounded sand as to the decisive vote to retain Mr. Wood as your Mayor. Still attempting to tie his win, to his standing on SANDAG is improper and and your personal canard launched - indefensible.


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