Meet the Poway City Council Candidates

Patch profiles the four candidates for Poway City Council.

Two seats on the Poway City Council are up for grabs this November, and voters will be asked to vote for two of the four candidates that will appear on the ballot.

To learn more about each of the candidates, click on the links below to view their profile page:

Jim Cunningham

Jeff Mangum

Steve Vaus

Gary Vineyard

Fran September 25, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Mr. Mangum you have stated that you had nothing to do with the 2011 bond. Yet based on the documents available from the October 2010 Board meeting, it is clear that you not only voted to authorize the bond but that a majority of the details were included in the authorization, including the "no call feature" and the 9 to 1 payoff. So I am asking you, were you being less than forthright when you stated you didn't know about the Series B bonds measure which have indebted taxpayers to the tune of well over one billion dollars? Answer this carefully Mr. Mangum, because we have the documents to back up the accusations. Second, Mr. Mangum do you think it is ethical for a bond underwriter to donate $25,000 to the Prop C campaign and with no other competitive bids get hired to underwrite the bonds? Third Question: Please explain why you think it was legal for the District to get an additional $21 million in premiums - $9.1 million which occurred in 2009 while you were on the Board? Attorney General Kamala Harris has stated what the District did was illegal. Why in 2009 and again in 2010 did you think it was okay to sneak in additional cash above and beyond what the voters approved in 2008?
Babs September 27, 2012 at 05:16 PM
Interview Questions. As a Human Resources person, reviewing resumes daily is part the method to identify interview questions. Many questions come to mind in reviewing these candidates as they seek to become employees of the citizens of Poway. What follows is one question for each candidate. Mr. Mangum. Thank you for your long service to the community. Based on revelations of the past few weeks, why should Powegians trust you as their employee? Mr. Vaus. Many a politician, including some on the current city council have “promised” one thing, then done the opposite. Why should Powegians hire you when you have already done the same? Mr. Vineyard. Based on several of your writings on public issues it is apparent that you are “learning” about the community. Why should Powegians put someone on the city council that is not experienced? Mr. Cunningham. In twenty-five words or less, parthetical comments, no matter how deeply placed, do count; why should you continue to be on the city council?


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