Gov. Brown Launches Website on Dangers, Deniers of Climate Change

The website says a small group of “deniers” continues to distort the facts about climate change.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has launched a new website that addresses climate change and labels critics of the existence and cause of climate change as “deniers.”

The website appears on the governor’s Office of Planning and Research’s website and is titled “Climate Change Just the Facts.” According to a press release from Brown’s office, the site “documents the dangerous effects of global warming and calls on those who still deny its existence to ‘wake up and honestly face the facts.’ ”

The website was launched as the annual Lake Tahoe summit was held this week.

“Global warming’s impact on Lake Tahoe is well documented. It is just one example of how, after decades of pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, humanity is getting dangerously close to the point of no return,” Brown said in the press release. “Those who still deny global warming’s existence should wake up and honestly face the facts.”

The website links to four pages addressing issues related to climate change:

The Climate Science

The Scientific Consensus

The Deniers

Common Denier Arguments

The website says the scientific community has concluded that the burning of fossil fuels by humans has emitted enough greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere to cause climate change.

A “small but vocal group” of “deniers” has been successful in spreading enough misinformation about the science behind climate change that only 51 percent of Americans are concerned about climate change, according to the website.

Banjobob August 18, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Thanks Governor Moon Bean. Let's go back to the dark ages, lower the global mean temperature by a 10th of a degree or so.
Al_Shumate August 18, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Governor Brown must be living out of the same play book that Al Gore lives out of or maybe he smoke to much wacky weed when he was chasing Linda Ronstadt. But wait a minute, Al Gore has already got rid of his play book, especially since he bought himself one of those evil diesel burning boats. They can’t even get a daily weather forecast right and they claim that they can look into the future and know what turn earth’s weather is going to take. Please explain to the world why the Norse people left Greenland because the glacier moved in. Please explain why many of the volcanoes of the put out a far greater amount of gasses that Al Gore say cause Global warming. Will Jerry Brown sue God because of the volcanoes?
Joe St. Lucas August 19, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Let's vote him out with the PUSD folks, waiting two more years is too long, time for a recall election.
Dennis Hull August 20, 2012 at 08:25 AM
It seems that Banjo, Al, and Joe have a problem with the governor, which means they ignore all the obvious hazards of global warming. Just watch the evening news to see all the direct and indirect problems being caused by this warming. Some immediate effects are drought (worst since the dust bowl), fires (worst summer on record so far), and crop failures (corns worst season which will skyrocket food costs). Wake up and smell the coffee guys... its is not some sinister plot or made-up story.... please believe, its real (and unfortunately probably too late to rectify now).
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