PHOTO: Sheriff's Give Thanks to Mounted Patrol

Photo credit, San Diego County Sheriff's.
Photo credit, San Diego County Sheriff's.

It’s the season for parties and revelry. With that in mind, the San Diego County Sheriff’s recently put out a photo gallery on its Mounted Patrol units that patrol neighborhoods including Poway and Ramona.

The gallery is featured on Facebook and is partially to recognize the unit for their efforts and to remind the community of the department’s effort to keep the community it serves safe.

Below is the explainer included with the gallery. A very happy new year to all. Stay safe out there.

They are volunteers who ride on horseback to support the Sheriff's Department in keeping our communities safe. And during the Holiday Watch season, the Volunteer Mounted Patrol has been busy patrolling neighborhoods in Ramona and Poway, looking out for any suspicious activity.

Based out of the Ramona Sheriff's Substation, the Volunteer Mounted Patrol is made up of 11 volunteers and their horses. Not only does the team help fight crime, they also interact with the public and build valuable ties with the community.

The Volunteer Mounted Patrol also represents the Sheriff's Department at parades, memorial services and school safety events.

The Sheriff's Department would like to thank the Volunteer Mounted Patrol for their hard work all year long.

If you see something suspicious, say something. Call the San Diego County Sheriff's Department at (858) 565-5200.


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