Convicted Scam Artist to be Sentenced in San Diego

Authorities said Wanda Lee Ann Podgurski was responsible for an insurance and disability scam. They also said she taunted the county DA after she fled.

A woman who fled to Mexico after being convicted in an insurance and disability fraud scam in San Diego was scheduled to be sentenced at the downtown courthouse today.

Wanda Lee Ann Podgurski, 61, pleaded guilty Nov. 1 to failing to appear in court while on bail and faces two years and eight months in state prison in addition to the 20 years and four months she received in absentia for the fraud scam.

While on the lam for several months last year, the defendant taunted District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis on Twitter, posting "Catch me if you can." She was later arrested in Rosarito and returned to San Diego in July.

A year ago, Podgurski was convicted of 29 felony counts related to faking injuries and collecting payments of more than $650,000 from insurance companies. Authorities said she used the money to travel around the world.

Podgurski was out of custody on $500,000 bail during her two-month trial when she failed to show up to hear the verdict read.

-- City News Service  


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