Alcohol Establishments Tested by Minor Decoys

The operation by the Sheriff’s Department sends teens into liquor stores to see if they can buy booze.

The Sheriff’s Department conducted “shoulder tap” and “minor decoy” operations in Poway and Vista recently, targeting adults who would furnish alcohol to those too young to drink.

Three teenagers were sent into various stores and businesses that sell and serve alcohol, testing to see if employees would allow the sale. No employees sold alcohol to the minors during the minor-decoy operation, the department announced Sunday.

One adult was arrested in Vista during the shoulder-tap operation, where minors stand outside liquor stores and ask adults to buy them alcohol.

A $100,000 state grant to combat underage drinking and other crimes funded the decoy test. The ABC Grant Assistance Program helps local law enforcement agencies fight alcohol related-crimes, and educate and police ABC-licensed businesses.


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