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Giving Thanks to My Mom and Tim Tebow

There is the food, football, family, Black Friday shopping and, of course, remembering everybody and everything you are thankful for.

After consuming an obscene amount of turkey, stuffing and an assortment of other Thanksgiving delicacies, I slept off my food coma under a pool table, watched football and laughed hysterically while the family played Catch Phrase. I also remembered what the day is all about—being thankful for the things we have.  

Besides being thankful for my family, what else did this year bring me?

(No, I didn’t steal the idea from U-T columnist Nick Canepa, though when I saw his column in the sports section it confirmed this could be a good idea.)

Chargers: For showing me that no matter what people think you can do, you can do a lot worse if you don’t put in the hard work.

Padres: For showing me if you spend less money on a lesser product, you will get what you paid for, no matter what the situation.

Tim Tebow: For staying true to your faith even as a professional athlete, and you find a way to win, even when every single obstacle known to man is put in your way. I can tell you one thing, you are in very good standing with the big man—now you might want to work on that throwing motion.

ESPN and SI: For giving me all the sports news my body seems to need to sustain itself.

LeBron James: For all of the jokes…Hold on a second, I have to take my talents to the water closet.

My AP Stylebook: For those times when I forget pinch hit is hyphenated when used as a verb or adjective.  

SDSU athletics: Being a community college student, I have yet to pledge my allegiance to a major university. You have been a great placeholder from high school until this May. I believe that we will win…

Palomar College football team: For being the first team that I covered as a beat writer. I appreciate you guys putting up with me all season and accepting me as a small part of the team. I had a lot of fun, learned more than I have in a classroom and am pissed you lost in the playoffs. We had a four-page spread in the works for when you were the So-Cal champs, alas.

My iPhone 4: For decreasing my productivity and increasing my time on Facebook and twitter. I didn’t think it was possible for me to procrastinate and be on social media more than I was before the new phone. Turns out it is.

Alex Morgan: For getting me to sit and watch women’s soccer and wait for 80 minutes, until you finally get in the game and undoubtedly are involved in scoring a goal. Because of you I am counting down the days till the Summer Olympics.

Trevor Hoffman: For giving me goosebumps every time I hear the first notes of “Hells Bells.”

The Telescope newspaper staff: For, what happens in the newsroom, goes on Facebook.

For all the people in the industry that have given me a chance: Paul Rudy, Eric Breier, Hoa Quach and Matt Tiffany. I hope in five or eight years from now you can tell people you were the ones that started the career of Matt Slagle the popular, respected and great sportswriter that works for a major publication.   

My parents: For the roof over my head, car, food and HD television with all the sports channels you provide. Plus, you are probability one of the few people that read my work.

My sister: For being the only reason I have a chance to pass math this semester, you are easily the smartest person I know.

The rest of my family: For being irreplaceable. After all, who else has the world’s coolest Uncle John Ph.D.?

My friends: For being kind enough to laugh at my jokes—most of the time. Plus, you give me a lot of material to write about.

Four important NFL matchups

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers: As much as I love Tim Tebow, he has to lose eventually, and if the Bolts lose this game their odds of making the playoffs are slim and none. With Tebow running the option, the Chargers won’t have to worry too much about their cornerbacks blowing coverage, but their run defense hasn’t been great either, ranking 22nd and allowing 124 yards a game. It will also help if Philip Rivers doesn’t turn the ball over three times.

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders: For the Bolts to make the playoffs they need some help from the Raiders’ opponents. Unfortunately, Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler hurt his hand playing against the Chargers and is out for this game. For the Bears the question is if they can pressure Carson Palmer and get him to turn the ball over. And the Raiders have to stop running back Matt Forte with his 1,300 total yards and four touchdowns.

New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles: While the Patriots are looking toward the playoffs, the Eagles are in serious danger of their season ending in complete disaster. Tom Brady and Co. have rebounded after a few close losses, and while their cornerbacks continue to be terrible, their offense has picked up the slack. As for the Eagles, Mike Vick is dealing with an injury to his ribs and his lackluster 1:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints: The Giants continue to struggle, but remain atop the division, and need to rebound from back-to-back losses as they face a very tough schedule to end the season. The Saints have a bit of wiggle room on top of the division after beating the Falcons last week. Very little will stop the Saints offense and the Giants will struggle to keep up.

Observations from the week that was Nov. 18- Nov. 24

Finally we got three great football games on Thanksgiving Day—all of the games were within two possessions.

Most underrated part of Thanksgiving dinner…the drinks. All the effort is put in the turkey and sides, what about the liquid you wash it all down with? Had some great homemade hot apple cider and hot chocolate.

ESPN and SI really need to create a magazine app for the iPhone. Great content in the bi-weekly and weekly publications, but I never have the magazine with me outside my house when I need to waste time.

Yes, this is live television Lee Corso (f-bomb warning)...

I took American Sign Language and laugh every time I see Oregon fans flashing the “O” hand symbol...

I have the same water bottle, to be fair it is pretty complicated

Your feel-good story of the week...

Oh Ndamukong Suh (It only took me three tries to spell his name correct)...

The hazards of being a NFL cheerleader...

Two thumbs sideways for the new Drake album “Take Care,” and one and a half thumbs up for Mac Miller’s debut album “Blue Slide Park.”

For the record

Chargers 24, Broncos 10

Jason November 28, 2011 at 11:54 PM
Everyone who comments on how silly or objectionable it is that Oregon fans flash an O that way, but who *fail to give its ASL definition* UTTERLY FAILS AT LIFE. That goes for the NYT too.


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