John Culea: Dustin Steiner is the Clear Choice for the 77th District

Resident shares his thoughts on the candidates for the new 77th District.

Editor's Note: This is an e-mail to the editor from John Culea. Culea is a retiree, resident of the 77th District and served as Supervisor Bill Horn's communications director under Deputy Chief of Staff Dustin Steiner.

Career politicians like to think that voters are more interested in what they will do in the future than what they did in the past.  One of those driving a moving van full of rotten baggage is Brian Maienschein who wants to be elected to the State Assembly.

Maienschein will forever have a ball and chain attached to his leg for his part in underfunding the city of San Diego’s pension system, leaving taxpayers holding a silo full of coal in the form of a $1.43 billion shortfall.  In addition, Maienschein’s inexcusable actions led to the city’s credit rating being downgraded and unprecedented sanctions from the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

In financial investments there is a disclaimer that warns, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results." In Maienschein’s case, there is no reason to believe that his pathetic past performance will not portend more irresponsible public disservice.

While some hood-winked or quid pro quo members of the community have shown early support for Maienschein, there is a choice in this Assembly race for a fiscal conservative.  He is Dustin Steiner, a man of principle, courage, and leadership who has never violated taxpayer’s trust by supporting sweetheart pension deals or project labor agreements with public employee unions.

I have known Steiner for many years and am pleased to be able to vote for him. Maienschein was incompetent on the big issues and a failure on the little things of his council district.

Dustin Steiner will serve his constituents and the people of California with distinction in all issues.


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