Using Color to Create Your Personal Sanctuary

Explore why you gravitate to certain colors, and pinpoint which colors will create a restful, rejuvenating environment.

Color has always fascinated me! Sure, I was the typical young girl that drew rainbows over, and over, and over again with crayons that followed and repeated the pattern of purple, then blue, green, yellow, orange and red. However, I was also quite a tomboy and very analytical. I remember the first time I noticed how many shades of green were present in the lush landscape of my grandparents' three-acres homestead. I was 12 years old lying on a blanket of dense, thick blades of Bermuda grass counting the tones and textures present in the magnolia tree leaves, pecan tree leaves and pine needles above. I was amazed at how together they created a rich layering effect. I was captivated by the crisp blue sky peaking through the enveloping canopy and rays of sunlight glimmering in. I can remember how it simply made my soul leap for joy. Summer days were filled with these too-hot-to-move, yet quiet and thought provoking moments. No wonder one of my favorite color palettes is green, blue and yellow!

Another color scheme prevalent in my own home is sky and ocean blues with warm sand tones. It was at a speaking engagement that I fully understood my natural affinity to this color pallet. I was telling a story of the countless times my father took the family to Galveston beach where he and my brother would go wade fishing and Mom and I would build castles and bury our feet in the sand. I couldn't hold back the tears of joy when I experienced an "ah ha" moment that revealed to me why no matter how many other palettes I love to design with, for myself I've always come back to the one that reminds me of sun and sand. I can still picture Daddy and Chris even now with their backs to my mom and me, waves just below their knee-high rubber boots, rhythmically twisting their shoulders as they perfected their casts. Those were some of the best days of my life and ones that I want to treasure and emulate for my children now. This blue and tan color pallet is soothing all on it's own, but needless to say, it also has a very special meaning to me. This is an example of how we can all use color to create our own safe havens.

Experiences like these create connections and pathways in our brains that set a precedence for how we interpret and interact with the world around us. Exploring why our clients gravitate to certain colors is one way that Nikki Klugh Design Group approaches interior design in a holistic manner. We use those color cues to create spaces for our clients that have a deeper meaning beyond the surface beauty. We pinpoint which of these hues will create a restful, rejuvenating environment for our clients. Our constant aim is to create a personal sanctuary for each and every person in our diverse clientele.

For some, it means using a color palette of warm earth tones and for others it will be cool sky and ocean hues. We all develop our own unique set of color connotations as well as take on some from popular culture. For example, in Morocco, with its desert climate, whenever green plants are seen there it is an excitement of hope for a good water supply. Therefore, in the Moroccan culture green represents paradise. A slightly different meaning is found in America--with its seasonal climates, our culture witnesses leaves budding anew every Spring which leads us to associate green with new beginnings. For me...green represents life and endless possibilities! What about you?!

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Vanessa Cunningham February 14, 2013 at 03:13 AM
Great article Nikki! I enjoy earth tone colors!


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