Who is to win, who is to blame?

Apathy and Democracy can not co exist and blame is a form of apathy

  My opinion this election is same as last election, who ever wins will be to blame.  Just like Reagonomics for 8 yrs. was the reason for Clintons good times. Or todays troubles are from Obama, or it isnt the Pres. that runs the country, it is Congress.   The point is, blame and a theory to support that blame, is what matters so we can obsolve ourselves of responsibility.  After all it isn't the world or enviornment we care about it is OUR world and  our environment that drives our vote,  makes our thoughts and who to blame.  As Joni Mitchell once sang,   "Pretty Lies, they are all pretty lies".   

   Greg Chick

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greg Chick November 05, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Ken, I trust you know your history too! I think the media has worked the political blame and circus to their advantage by stirring up issues proven to arouse. They gain, we pay, politicians "perform" some might say "lie" to get elected. I do not know what options were on the table when past Presidents were forced to make a choice but I bet regrets are many.
Jane Tanaka MD November 06, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Yes, Greg and Ken, Apathy and Democracy cannot co-exist... and yes Blame and Cynicism are many times just more clever forms of Apathy.... if one doesnt back up one's criticisms with action . So... No matter who you are for... no matter if you like or dislike the candidates, the propositions, the bond measures... please vote ! And when you vote, try not to think dualistically about Republican vs Democrat, right and wrong. Be as fair as you can on your judgements of issues, and exercise your wisdom.
Jane Tanaka MD November 06, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Continuation of above comment: As for your blaming the media, my dear spouse Greg, you have to give people credit that they will process what the polarized media presents and that they see inconsistencies in candidates'/elected official's words vs actions. This can be difficult however. Many (not all) of those drawn to politics may be drawn to the admiration, action and power of these jobs.Most ( not all) dull, nose to the grindstone workhorses dont have the charisma to make us feel like we are "led" ( or entertained) by them. A side effect of the campaign and election process is that we look at our newly elected leaders as demi-gods . This does not help. After placing such leaders on pedestals , we are utterly disapointed and disillusioned of course, and the blame game starts anew. It regresses us to developmental stage of adolescence when we are disgusted that our parents are so inane and yet we are dependent on them . We as individuals could choose un-regress, and to accept responsibilityfor what we can for the interdependence of all human beings in our Town, Nation as well as on this Earth.
Jane Tanaka MD November 06, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Last final words ( I promise): Also we could accept the complexities of conflicting needs and value, and realize that being a leader on any level (a President, a vocal idealistic blogger, a School District Superintendent, a Congressman, a Planning Group board member) takes a lot of guts ....as more Stones are thrown at you than Roses over time. I certainly do that have the thickness of hide , or a strong enough pulley on my heart to sustain me through such trials.
Kenneth Serfass November 06, 2012 at 03:56 AM
in the end, we need to embrace the system left to us from the founding fathers and celebrate that we STILL have free elections here to decide our fate.


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