There's Nothing Pacific About It: Local Band Battles Cancer Through Awareness

The teenage members of Sleepless Pacific hope to play music for the rest of their lives.

What’s in a name? A lot if you ask the band members of Sleepless Pacific.

“It took a lot of thought and debate, but we finally settled on Sleepless Pacific,” said 17-year-old drummer and guitarist Taylor Eldreth. “The name has a significant meaning to [us] … We leave it open to interpretation for our fans so that they may also discover what it means to them.”

Aside from Eldreth, the Poway-based band is made up of singer James Bishop and guitarist Esteban Cervantes, both 17, and bassist Robin Morris, 16.

Fans of U2, Coldplay and Switchfoot, their alternative rock style reflects the legends that inspire them most. They’ve already produced a couple of music videos and are taking things pretty seriously—especially their goal to “stay together as long as we can.”

“Everyone in the band hopes to pursue music for the rest of their lives,” Eldreth said.

And with the Poway Music Festival just days away, Sleepless Pacific is looking forward to participating and raising awareness about cancer—a disease Eldreth says has directly affected some of the members.

“As a band [that] is invested in giving back to the community, we support causes such as these and jump at every opportunity we can to help out,” he said.


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