Walmart and Target: The Fraternal Twins of American Retail

Poway residents have a choice: Walmart or Target?

Retail giants Target and Walmart turned 50 years old this year, both of them born in the American heartland in 1962. Since then they have expanded all across the country, offering hundreds of thousands of items in sprawling stores.

Both offer many of the same products at the same discounts, but they have their own personalities. Target promotes itself as the upscale discounter, compared with Walmart’s quest for the lowest price possible.

Almost four miles separate the Poway locations, with Walmart on Community Road near Poway Road and Target on Pomerado Road at Twin Peaks Road. Each has their fans that stay loyal to their favorite and refuse to even consider visiting the other.

The Washington Post recently published a story about the competitors and their roots.

“Each has its loyalists — and no wonder. The stores market vastly different versions of American exceptionalism: Wal-Mart champions efficiency, thrift. Target offers style, aspiration. Wal-Mart gives us low prices on everything we need; Target tells us what we want,” wrote Post reporter Katherine Boyle.

Read the full report on The Washington Post.

Joe St. Lucas November 09, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Pull out my calculator here. This is 2012, both are 50 years old, started in 1964. Hmmm, either they're both 48 years old or the article needs to say "started in 1962".


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