Kicking off the Day Right at Kountry Kafe

Giving breakfast food the attention it deserves.

I used to be one of those people who skipped breakfast. You know, the type who protests that I just don't have time to eat, it's too early to cook and I'm good with coffee. But last summer, my life changed when I met my friend Eric—an amazing athlete and health nut—who educated me on the benefits of kicking off my day with a healthy dish.

So since meeting Eric, I've gone out of my way to ensure I have an orange, banana or egg whites before the start of every day. Sure, there are some days I've skipped because it truly didn't fit into my schedule, but Eric has a strong argument. Therefore, I write with conviction now that breakfast food is highly underrated.

Just think about it.

For one, eating breakfast at the start of your day has a number of healthy perks, according to experts.

But also, breakfast food is just tasty at any point in the day.

So my choice to review Kountry Kafe was strategic. I knew my day would be filled with the general overload of an average reporter/editor but I also had to run errands for my journalists' association's annual fundraiser. With that in mind and my right-hand girl (AKA a good friend who volunteers for every nonprofit I'm involved with), we made our way to the Kafe at 8 a.m.

"I'll take that please," I said to the waitress after she advised me that the veggie omelet was the best of the veggie dishes.

But after my friend, who is also a foodie, said any breakfast hashery with good hollandaise deserves praise—we opted to order the eggs benedict too.

And so first thing's first. The veggie omelet was packed with broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms—more than any hopeful vegetarian could ever ask for in a normal veggie omelet. Though the omelet was packed with fresh veggies though, I was overwhelmed by the amount of eggs they used for the omlette—more than what's normal too.

My main was complete with perfectly grilled hash browns and warm toast.

Then came the eggs benedict. The hollandaise, which was homemade, was heavily piled onto the muffin and poached egg. Though the sauce itself was tasty, the amount served was overwhelming too.

All in all—the trip to Kountry Kafe was worth it, and I had the leftovers of my highly underrated breakfast for lunch too.

Vegetarian-friendliness on a scale of 1-10: 7. There are a lot of veggie dishes to choose from but there was one employee who kept cursing, which makes things a bit awkward. I also had to drop a point because I have a pet peeve for those who replace "C" with "K." Why anyone would promote misspellings in an effort to stand out has always bewildered me.

Joe St. Lucas April 17, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Used to be Kate's Kountry Kafe so all the K's just followed. But now it's just "Kountry Kafe". Give them that point back!!!
Wendy Rios April 18, 2011 at 02:22 AM
You haven't lived until you've tasted their home made biscuits. They are HUGE! Personally, I always order the King Neptune Omelet and take half home with me for later.


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