Breast Cancer Surgeon Applies Skills as Former Sculptor in Her Work

Dr. Elizabeth Revesz immigrated to the US in 1990 before becoming a doctor.

Despite the serious nature of her work, nothing seems to rattle breast cancer surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Revesz. Except, perhaps, a general lack of awareness regarding the disease.

“What makes me nervous is that there are people out there who haven’t been diagnosed,” said Revesz,, 44. “If it’s found early, it’s curable. We just need to find it early.”

Revesz has been in the practice for six years, beginning her medical career after emigrating from Romania in 1990 and learning English. Originally trained as a sculptor, she decided to switch vocations and began what would become a 10-year educational journey.

In September, she transferred to the Jean McLaughlin Women's Center for Health and Healing at Palomar Pomerado Health, where she says she is the first woman breast surgeon in North County.

But the sculptor in her never stopped working.

Revesz, who will be speaking at the on Sunday, specializes in a technique called oncoplastic surgery—the rearrangement of breast tissue after cancer is removed so that it has the least defect.

“It’s basically a work of love, not necessarily a work that compensates,” she said of the procedure. “I do it because it benefits the patient. I think if you don’t have a big defect, it makes [going through surgery] easier.”

The Center was opened in 2008 and offers various services and education to more than 30,000 women every year.


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