Best Car Wash in Poway: Body Beautiful Car Wash

Body Beautiful Car Wash is the winner of the Poway Premium Partners' poll for Best Car Wash in Poway.

An engineer by training—Yogesh Mody, owner of , had a dream of operating his own business.

In 1979, he made the move and purchased his first car wash location in downtown San Diego.

"After exploring many opportunities for almost two years, the car wash business in general and the Pacific Highway location in particular seemed to meet most of our criteria," he said. "My partner and I risked everything and invested every last dime we had at that time to acquire the business."

Since then, his business has grown to four locations including in Poway—washing almost 11 million cars in Body Beautiful Car Wash's 32-year-history, according to Mody.

But just like most businesses during the recession—Mody has faced obstacles.

"The last four years have been the most challenging in the 32 years we have been in business," he said. "We have been through other recessions in the past, but those lasted only about a year or so. The length of this recession has made things especially difficult. We have responded to the economic conditions by substantially reducing our prices, cut expenses wherever possible and at the same time, providing the best quality of service possible.

"We feel that worst is finally behind us and we look forward to gradual improvement in the business this and the future years."


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