San Onofre Should Stay Shut, Environmental Group Says

Friends of the Earth will run advocate their message via an ad campaign on cable TV in San Diego and Los Angeles.

An environmental organization called Friends of the Earth was running advertisements on cable television news channels this week demanding that the troubled San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station remain shut down.

According to FOE, which opposes nuclear power plants, the ads will run “in heavy rotation” in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The nuclear power plant in northern San Diego County has been inoperative since a small leak from Unit 3 at the end of January. Subsequent pressure testing last month revealed that three of the more than 19,000 steam generator tubes in the unit showed excessive wear.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ordered the plant to remain closed until its troubles are diagnosed. Unit 2 was already shut down at the time for scheduled maintenance.

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission knows these reactors need to stay offline, and Southern California families know it too, but Southern California Edison is pushing ahead,” said Damon Moglen of Friends of the Earth.

Edison’s Jennifer Manfre denied any rush to get the plant back on line.

“We have stated constantly that we will not return these units to service until we and the NRC say they are safe,” Manfre told City News Service.

The FOE ad opens with a brief black screen while a narrator says, “A nuclear crisis.”

Various still photographs of power lines, a man in a contamination suit and nuclear plant equipment are displayed as the narrator continues.

“A defective tube ruptures, leaking radiation, causing an emergency reactor shutdown, but it’s not Fukushima, Japan,” the narrator says.

He goes on to suggest that SCE is trying to reopen the plant to pursue profits.

The Friends of the Earth organization recently hired Fairewinds Associates, a firm that specializes in nuclear engineering and safety analysis, to review the San Onofre plant. The Fairewinds report accuses Edison of a lack of transparency about the problems and blames the utility for making modifications that led to the leaks.

Manfre insisted the utility has been open with the NRC and provided it with all information regarding the plant.

—City News Service

Gary Vineyard April 03, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Perhaps FOE should take all of their 12 members, their lawyers and subscribers and go back to the Earth from whence they came. No electricity or power for they or their families and they surely shouldn't be driving (using fossil fuel), using their computers, cell phones, Ipads, etc., or other 'unfriendly' gadgets in use today to make our lives easier. That includes flying, vacationing, going to the mall, all of which use power. Having said that if SDG&E is proven to be 'hiding' something important then they should be fined until they bleed (although I doubt THAT would happen since they give a ton of money to politicians to keep them fleecing us). That's MY story and I'm stickin' to it.
Oscar Fig April 08, 2012 at 12:20 AM
The Mayan Calander is correct! The end of the world is 12/21/2012. Fukishima meltdown, San Onofre meltdown,Three Mile Island meltdown, the recent meltdown in the plant in Upstate New York,(can't remember the name of the plant). Massave radiation leak's. We are all doomed. End of the world by Dec. 21, 2012!


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