Women and Horses Make a Perfect Match

How deep is your love, for horses ....

Women and horses, what can I say? Women love horses. Even women that have never been in the company of horses often have fantasies about riding on the beach, in the mountains or wherever their heart can dream up.

Horses have been a romantic figure for centuries, and many of my non-horsey friends share their feelings and horse fantasies from time to time. Here is what one of them said to me the other day: 

It all started so innocently. I went down to the Equestrian Center to meet the woman who runs it to talk to her about some of the horses they’ve taken in from a ranch that had to close. She was standing in a barn next to the stall of my beloved.


The horse is 8. And right now she’s anxious that her family member has been taken out of the stall and hasn’t returned.

I was struck by her beauty. Almost at a hormonal level. Her haunches ... the line of her jaw.

Now I know what it’s like.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. And, naturally, she’s for sale.

Oh, help me Jesus.

When I turned around to talk to the women, I was jolted to find that Chocolate was “checking me out” with her face in my back.

Oh, help me God.

Of course, this is all fantasy ... as many love tales are. Someone splash cold water in my face! 

How could I say it any better than she did? I know this feeling all too well. Even though I’ve been in the company of horses for so many years, I still feel like that at times when I meet a new horse. There is something about some of them that strikes us in some way for some reason.

I am so lucky that I get to feel that way every single time I walk out my back door and see Cricket standing in the pasture looking at me. It’s much like a crush when we’re younger or a lust as we age, but it's different.

For those of us lucky enough to have equines living with us, our love and passion grow over time and mellow slightly, as with any relationship. 

Some of us have this feeling all of our lives. It starts when we are very young. It’s in our bones, our very core. For others it shocks them suddenly one day, then they’re hooked for life. Yet others have the feelings develop over time and ease into it. Even if we’re afraid of horses, the size and power they possess, we can’t help having a deep love and respect for them. 

It’s rare that a woman would think of a horse as a tool or as livestock. Horses are not our pets, they are far too important to fall into that category. Horses are partners, often life partners for us.The Livery Feed & Supply has a monthly saying on their board out in front, and recently it stated:Horses are worth more than riches, so someone in that store gets it. Steve, was that you? (Steve owns the Livery in Ramona)  

The equine species is amazing, if you are quiet long enough to find out. If you can sit and watch them or have the wondrous opportunity to spend time with them, you’ll see how truly amazing they are. Many people think dolphins are very intelligent, and it seems as though they are, but horses will one-up any dolphin, any time.

If you really think about is, horses are prey animals (dolphins are not), yet they trust us (predators) to handle them, lead them and love them. They welcome us into their world. They communicate if you listen and learn everything we have to teach them. They have led men into battle and nations through revolutions. 

I know the creature, and appreciate them for being horses.


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