Why Are We Promoting a Non-Winning Charlie Sheen?

We all live and learn, but some take it to an extreme and never seem to learn, such as Charlie Sheen.

Our kids watch TV, see movies, listen to the radio, surf the Internet, and most recently, read and hear the news plastered everywhere about Charlie Sheen.

Does the media play into this too much and endorse Charlie Sheen’s behavior? Are we attracted to the news about Charlie Sheen because of shock at his behavior and words, or the shock that the media would invest so much of their time on a whack job? Is Charlie Sheen portrayed positively in the public eye?

What worries me is that our kids today view the news, see all the attention Charlie Sheen is receiving, and they see that with his poor choices and actions come no repercussions. Had this behavior been performed by someone not in the limelight, such as myself, I’m sure there would be a different outcome—maybe some black vertical bars before me.  If it were one of us—doing drugs and in and out of rehab, hiring prostitutes, destroying hotel property, and I’m sure the list goes on—it would be a whole different ballgame.

I must admit, it is quite comical listening to Charlie Sheen being interviewed by reporters. I find myself focused, tuned in and just in disbelief over his comments and answers. As I sit tuned in to the Charlie Sheen news, I often wonder if this person is from outer space. I call my kids over to watch and listen to what is being said only for what I call an “educational” lesson. I say “educational” because I point out to my kids how badly this man is ruining and has ruined his reputation and life due to poor choices. He’s just not all there, and that comes from years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Now, on another note, we have TV producers and late night talk shows hosting Charlie Sheen and what I call “promoting” him. Why? To me it doesn’t say a whole lot for these producers and talk show hosts—again, showing viewers that what Charlie Sheen has done is OK and acceptable and thereby making money off what has taken place and what could under the wrong circumstances. What kind of message are they sending? A wrong message to me and my kids!

We all make mistakes and choices we regret from time to time; however, we fix our mistakes, and we change our path of future choices. We learn from our mistakes. I think it’s about time Charlie Sheen did the same!

Mike March 30, 2011 at 12:11 AM
This is almost a rhetorical question/article. We watch and listen because we are both enthralled and mortified watching this slow-motion train wreck. I hesitate to inject human psychology...but just like Britney....people love to see high-profile, successful people fail. This behavior technically shouldn't be glamorized...but why not? It adds a little spice to our typically mundane lives. Our generation- we've heard it all, seen it all....so it takes something really "different" to keep our attention. Enter the "warlock" and "Granles Gnarlington.l Next!


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