Dare Yourself to Go to a Movie Alone

Getting lost in the sights and sounds of strangers could be the thing you need to forget the stress of being a busy mom.

Alone time is something we all need to run a successful life—it offers us contemplation, relaxation, and peace. The most amazing time I ever spent with myself was a night at the movies. That evening, I didn't want to call a friend, family member, or guy to accompany me to the cinema. I lived walking distance from a community center and simply wanted to treat myself to something I was interested in.

So there I was, popcorn, candy, and a romantic movie- all by myself. It was awesome. Somehow I was freed from all these hidden inhibitions, like, “I can't eat alone,” or, “I can't enjoy myself alone.”

A large soda and The Time Traveler's Wife were all I needed for the night. I was proud of myself for treating me like a date. An actual, scheduled, exciting “me” date.

Since that day, I've never been afraid to dine, exercise, or complete an activity by myself. It was an awakening moment for me and could be for you too.

Psychology Today calls it some of the most potent time we spend here in the world, “Meaningful alone time, it turns out, is a powerful need and a necessary tonic in today's rapid-fire world. Indeed, solitude actually allows us to connect to others in a far richer way.”

Feeling the itch for some alone time? Try out the .

The theater is located in the Creekside shopping center with a food court close by. The theater provides state-of-the-art viewing and sound technology, as well as concessions for those looking to treat themselves.

Some of the more popular movies playing now are:

The King's Speech: Colin Firth, the leading actor, won an academy award for his portrayal of England's King George VI, who struggles to overcome and find his own speaking method, as he leads his country into war.

The Adjustment Bureau: Starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, this romantic thriller takes place in an alternate world where love can be intercepted by The Adjustment Bureau, mysterious men who seemingly shape the fate of individuals and thus, the world.

Beastly: Starring young actress Vanessa Hudgens, this romantic movie is a new take on the original Beauty and the Beast. Also staring Mary-Kate Olsen.

Limitless: Bradley Cooper discovers a clear pill that will allow him to access 100 percent of his brain capability. From degenerate to superstar, he has to balance his new-found abilities before antagonist, Robert De Niro, stops him.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Not since the 1990s have Mathew McConaughey and Marisa Tome acted in a high-profile legal thriller and love story. Jump on in and see what the 2011 version of McConaughey has to offer.

Dare yourself to date alone. Enjoy one of these exciting movies, are pick another just for you. Escape away to some “mom-free” time in the theater.


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