Relax With a Little Moms-Only Web Surfing

In this economy, you don't have to spend money on yourself every week, but you can spend time.

This week is all about staying home. The sweet satisfaction of a good cup of coffee, or your favorite tea, in the “mom” chair. Be it outside, inside or whatever your spot is, cozy up and spend some time on these mom-inspired websites. No fancy dress necessary, no special expense needed—this is the time to relax and just be you...a mom. 

1. Parenting.com: This website focuses on ideas for parenting babies, toddlers and children. They have a section for moms to-be and offer recipes, therapist-guided parenting tips, even a link to the gear or community you would be interested in. Join Parenting.com and find out more about mom-blogs, posts and social networking. 

2. GOOP.com: Famous mom and actress Gwyneth Paltrow started Goop.com to blog about her experiences as a mother and woman. She offers ideas for things to do, see, eat, buy, be, get or make. She often features fashionable and easy clothes for a mom to look classic in as well as adorable children's fashion lines. Also, in her “BE” section, she offers ideas for contemplation and philosophies about womanhood. Subscribe to a newsletter and see if Paltrow has something you're willing to clickaway for. 

3. Momsintouch.org: What about a mom mission started by a Poway mom? Fern Nichols decided to spread her love for the power of prayer with moms around the world. Started in 1984, this company now spans 140 countries and attracts thousands of moms, children and families. Their mission is to impact children and schools worldwide by gathering mothers to pray. With a posted group locator and events, any mom who feels she might need a prayer to get through the day is welcome to join. Amen.  

Don't have a space you can cozy up to for Internet surfing or other mom activities? Well, it's time to create one. See the book Where Women Create for some ideas on how to create a “mom cave.” Mom caves are on the rise according to USA Today, see more here

Enjoy your time at the best place in Poway, your home. 

Jennifer Peranteau March 17, 2011 at 03:04 AM
CafeMom.com is a great one.


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