Prime Poway Woman No. 20: Donna Hayes

Hayes is involved in various organizations.

For 21 years, Poway has benefitted from Donna Hayes' strengths.

Hayes, a real estate consultant, is the director for the Poway Real Estate Professionals, director for the Poway Chamber of Commerce, member of the Poway Woman's Club and involved in Keller Williams Cares.

Hayes, who is inspired by "empowering women," said the idea that a woman "must do it all" is her biggest challenge.

"What has helped me a lot with this and what I ask myself now when prioritizing and before undertaking any project, ‘Will this matter 5 years from now?" she said. "If it won’t make a difference 5 years from now, then it gets crossed off the list."

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

"Women’s History month is a great time to acknowledge and reflect on the things women in history, some with great sacrifice and ridicule, who were fearless and strong enough in their convictions, forged ahead to make the world a better place."


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