Get Biking This Wednesday, Mama

Looking for a fun and easy way to get out of the house? Try a bike path in Poway for a low-impact, cardio workout.

Take your mountain bike and get rolling. Poway is full of sprawling vistas to discover on your bike. The upsides of biking are a full-body workout, cardio, and low-impact exercise. As opposed to running which can be tough on joints, biking allows for the body muscles to work together to move the body's weight, without the pressure on the key leg and hip areas. Leave the kids and hubby at home for a fun day with you, the bike, and Poway.

Next to swimming, this is the best full body workout available and essential for the tone of the calves, thighs, and bottom.

Still worried about the tummy trouble area? Just think- how did Lance Armstrong get that amazing six pack? Biking offers the vascular workout needed to maintain a strong heart but it also helps the rest of your body. Are you a fan of the "cycle kick" for an ab workout? That's what you are essentially doing, right-side-up, while you are cycling on a bike. This is often why spin classes are so popular at gyms. They get the blood flowing and the sweat pouring, but also offer target muscle toning as well.

Try the outdoor gym, in Poway's backyard, for this great escape workout date. is located at 16281 Sycamore Canyon Rd, Poway, CA, 92064. They can be reached by phone at (858) 513-4737 or visit the Poway City site here.

This public park is upwards of a 2,000 acre preserve located next door to a horse ranch, so don't be afraid to say hello if you see a four-legged friend trotting along. The Preserve offers a 10 mile biking trail covered in greenery and spring flowers. Hikers are also welcome on this trail so use good outdoor manners when biking along. Helmets are recommended and make sure to bring plenty of water as there are no water fountains on the trail. The Preserve is open daily from 8am to 7pm, offers free on-street parking and encourages no fires, smoking, or alcohol.

More information can be found at the City of San Diego's website here. Give the Preserve a call to schedule a tour or learn more about its Conservation Project, Goodan Ranch History, the Cedar Fire, or Native American Kumeyaay cultural history and relations.

Get biking mama and experience all that Poway has to offer.


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