Befriend Brussel Sprouts With These Recipes

These things aren't the mean greens. Find hip and fresh new ways to prepare brussel sprouts.

They're not sauteed carrots or an easy salad but with a much deeper and rich flavor, especially when cooked right, brussel sprouts could be the new favorite of your family. If you're looking to saute up a quick, easy, and healthy vegetable try substituting in brussel sprouts one night a week. Your table guests might decide they like these green machines a little more after this recipe. 

At the farmers market, brussel sprouts can come already trimmed or still on the stalk. They're actually much healthier than they look, accounting for more than a quarter of calorie intake as protein nutrition. Brussel sprouts are also naturally high in Vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and fiber. 

However, the common complaint is the taste. And, texture. When served incorrectly, these pretty little greens can turn into a mushy mixture. 

Optimal cooking techniques are either baking or sauteing to fulfill taste and texture blends. Brussel sprouts just seem to taste better when they're heated, sauteed, and a little crispy on the outside with a tender to the bite inside.

With this method, they can be served as a clever side-dish, atop a salad, or even within quiche and pasta medleys. Possibilities are endless. The trick is, as with all food, preparing it correctly. Here's your no-fools guide.

Gather at the Poway Farmers Market: 

  • 1 pound of brussel sprouts, trimmed and halved

Ingredients from the Cabinet or Local Grocery Store:

  • Butter
  • Salt/pepper
  • Any additional spices you enjoy

Directions: Saute the rinsed and halved brussel sprouts in butter, salt and pepper for five to seven mintues. Toss to help caramelization process. Your nose will know when they're ready, the smell will be contagiously yummy. An ideal finish will be crispy on the outside including brown caramelization with soft-to-the-bite inner layers. (See pictures above).

Serve up brussel sprouts in a new and innovative way to give a taste teaser to any brussel sprout nay-sayer. Their heart and health just might thank you later. 


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